Reading Workshops at Bellaire - Term 3, 2009

This term in reading at Bellaire Primary School, we are exploring our favourite authors. You will have a choice in the author you explore.
You are required to read a range of novels by that author, study the authors writing style, find out about that author and compare texts by the author.
You will be introduced to the assessment tasks for the unit in your workshops.
You will be provided with a range of resources which will also be provided to you on this wiki!
This is our workshop wiki and you need to be actively involved in ensuring it is a benenficial learning tool for you to utilise.
So consider - What do you want on here? What would be some good web pages to link to the site? What work samples can you provide to demonstrate your new learning?

Curriculum Information and Resources
Assessment Requirements
Useful Web Pages for Use
Images for Use
Student Work Samples

Tolkien-KT Reading Workshop

Figurative Language Examples