Morris Gleitzman
Morris Gleitzman grew up in London and came to Australia when he was 16. When he came to Australia, he was a frozen-chicken thawer, sugar-mill rolling-stock unhooker, fashion industry trainee, student, department store Santa, TV producer, newspaper columnist and screenwriter. Morris’s first ever book was called The Other Facts of Life written in 1985. The majority of Morris’s books are comedy for kids. Morris is 67 years old but he still continues writing books. The thing that inspires Morris as a writer is that people he has never met before will be able to laugh and enjoy his stories from all over the world at the same time. He hopes that when he dies people will still be reading his books. The books that Morris wrote were...
The Other Facts of Life 1987
Two Weeks with the Queen 1989
Misery Guts 1991
Worry Warts 1992
Blabber Mouth 1993
Sticky Beak 1994
Puppy Fat 1995
Second Childhood 1995
Belly Flop 1996
Water Wings 1997
Bumface 1998
Wicked!: The Slobberers (with Paul Jennings) 1998
Wicked!: Battering Rams (with Paul Jennings) 1998
Wicked!: Croaked (Paul Jennings) 1998
Wicked!: Dead Ringer (Paul Jennings) 1998
Wicked!: The Creeper (Paul Jennings) 1998
Wicked!: Till Death Us Do Part (Paul Jennings) 1998
Gift of the Gab 1999
Totally Wicked! (with Paul Jennings) 1999
Self Helpless 2000
Toad Rage 2000
Adults Only 2001
Deadly! 2001
Boy Overboard 2002
Toad Heaven 2003
Teacher's Pet 2004
Toad Away 2004
Girl Underground 2005
Worm Story 2005
Aristotle's Nostril 2006
Once 2006
Doubting Thomas 2007
Give Peas a Chance 2008
Then 2009