Airhead: Book Review!
Airhead is about a girl called Emerson who dies by being crushed by a giant plasma screen. She gets put into supermodels Nikki Howard body, as she is claimed brain dead at about the same time as Em dies. The main part of the book is good, but it can get a bit boring at bits. Nothing much happens, and no more problems are really presented after she gets a body transfer.
Meg Cabot gives a lot of description, about the character and scenery. The story is set in the 21st Century (now), and that makes it easier to understand, as the places and brands and things like that are all real things, so it makes it easier to relate to Em and the things she does.
Overall, the book is pretty good, but a bit boring in places, and not many problems that make you think. I give this book...

3 stars!!!