Joel’s Author Research Paper
Name: Anthony Horowitz
D.O.B: 1956 in Stanmore, Middlesex, England
Books he is Famous for:
Alex Rider series: Stormbreaker (May 21, 2001), Point Blanc (April 15, 2002), Skeleton Key (April 28 2003), Eagle Strike (Feb 16, 2006), Scorpia (Feb 16, 2006), Ark Angel (April 5, 2007), Snakehead (Sep 4, 2008).
The Power of 5 series: Ravens Gate (May 1, 2006), Evil Star (Jun 1, 2006), Nightrise (2007), Necropolis (April 15, 2009).
The Diamond Brothers series: The Falcons Malteser (Jul 8, 2002), Public Enemy Number Two (Jul 8, 2004), South by South East (Dec 1, 1997), The French Confection (May 5, 2005), The Blurred Man (Jun 4, 2007), I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (Jul 8, 2002), Three of Diamonds (May 5, 2005), The Greek Who Stole Christmas (Sep 11, 2008).
10 Facts about Him:
1. Anthony’s family was rich and he was raised by nannies.
2. Him and his sister danced on their grandmother’s grave when she died because they hated her!
3. As a child he was miserable and overweight.
4. He was sent to boarding school at the age of 8.
5. He says that his unhappy childhood provided him with a rich source of material for his writing carer.
6. He has been writing since the age of 8, professionally since he was 20.
7. He has written over 50 books.
8. He has also written for television.
9. His father was facing bankruptcy, so he then put his wealth under a false name. When his father passed away the family could never find the money.
10. At the boarding school, he entertained by telling them storeys.
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