Anthony Horowitz is an author he was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England on the 5 of April 1956 he also attended Orley Farm Prep School.

He has been writing since he was eight but became professional when he was about twenty and published his first book when he was 23. The Alex Rider series was very successful selling 10,000,000 copies he has also written the Diamond Brothers and The Power of Five series. He has 2 children called Nicholas and Cassian. Anthony Horowitz writes adventure, mystery, thriller and horror. His first book was Enter Frederick K Bower. He writes in his comfortable shed in his garden for up to ten hours. Anthony could be the busiest writer in England at the moment

Books Anthony Horowitz has written:
  1. Stormbreaker (2006, January 1st)
  2. Point Blanc (2006, January 1st)
  3. Skeleton Key (2006, January 1st)
  4. Eagle Strike (2006, January 1st)
  5. Scorpia (2006, November 6th)
  6. Ark Angle (2005, May 1st)
  7. Snakehead (2007, October 1st)
  8. Crocodile Tears (2009, December 1st)
  9. Ravens Gate (2005, October 1st)
  10. Evil Star (2006, May 1st)
  11. Night Rise (2007, May 1st)
  12. The Falcon’s Malteser (2007, may 1st)
  13. The Greek Who Stole Christmas (2007, November 1st)
  14. The Blurred Man (2007, August 1st)
  15. The French Confection (2007, August 1st)
  16. I know What You Did Last Wednesday (2007, August 1st)
  17. South By South East (2007, May 1st)
  18. Public Enemy Number Two (2007, May 1st)
  19. The Devil and His Boy (2009, October 1st)
  20. Granny (2009, March 1st)
  21. Groosham Grange (2003, August 1st)
  22. The Switch (2009, march 1st)
  23. More Bloody Horowitz (2009, December 1st)
  24. Necropolis (2008, November 1st)
  25. The Three Diamonds (2007, November 1st)