The Wide Window
Features of the Setting:
· Curdled Cave, a small cave in the middle of Lake Lachrymose where Aunt Josephine hides.
· Lake Lachrymose, a massive lake inhabited by leeches.
· A rickety old house that leans over a cliff, where Aunt Josephine and the Baudelaire’s lived.
· The Laughing clown, a restaurant where Mr Poe sings over the Baudelaire’s to Captain Sham.
The Characters:
· Aunt Josephine, loves grammar, is smart, fearful, nervous, kind, well mannered, organised and very strict on how long to wait after eating before you go into the lake.
· Violet: Smart, inventor, brave, browny/black hair and 14 years old.
· Klaus: Smart, into reading, wears glasses, 12 years old and has black hair.
· Sunny: Little, bites things, not much hair, 4 sharp teeth and has a weird way of talking.
· Captain Sham: A peg leg, an eye patch on one of his eyes, slightly balding, (Count Olaf): cruel, mean, no sympathy, greedy, horrid, hideous, repulsive, the list goes on and on.
· Mr Poe: Banker, always coughing, wears small circle glasses, means well but a can of corn could do a better job at catching Count Olaf, busy and very serious.

The Events:
The Baudelaire’s have now found them selves under the care of Aunt Josephine, a grammar addict. They find that she is afraid of almost everything. When they are out shopping for Hurricane Herman, Violet runs into an all too familiar face. It was Count Olaf, disguised as a sailor called Captain Sham. He had a peg leg, an eye patch and a bandana on. Aunt Josephine and Captain Sham become friends and then one day when the Baudelaire’s come back from playing they see that the class window in the library was shattered and there was a note sitting on the table. It said that she could not bare life without Ike and that the Baudelaire’s would be under the care of Captain Sham. While Violet and Sunny worried Klaus re read the letter and picked up many grammar mistakes. Klaus put all of the wrong letters together and it read Curdled Cave. Then the Baudelaire’s look up where Curdled Cave is and sail there. After convincing Aunt Josephine to return home with them they are attacked by hungry leeches. Violet signals for help but the only person to come is Captain Sham. He allows them onto the boat but then pushes Aunt Josephine into the water and the leeches kill her. But then as they come to the shore Mr Poe catches them and takes the Baudelaire’s but lets Captain Sham/Count Olaf escape. But he will come back soon.