The Reptile Room
Features of the Settings:
· Big Mansion, Uncle Monty lived in the mansion and so did the Baudelaire’s.
· Day/Night, it was mostly in the Day time.
· Lots of snakes, and other reptiles, Uncle Monty loved snakes and had every type.
· Big library on snakes, Klaus loved it in there and read up on snakes all the time.
· Big room made out of glass (the reptile room), Uncle Monty was killed there.
· Uncle Monty: First and last name is Montgomery, nice, cheerful, his job is to search the globe to find rare species of snakes, grey hair and has a small beard.
· Violet: Smart, inventor, brave, browny/black hair and 14 years old.
· Klaus: Smart, into reading, wears glasses, 12 years old and has black hair.
· Sunny: Little, bites things, not much hair, 4 sharp teeth and has a weird way of talking.
· Stephano (Count Olaf) vile, mean, ugly, a tattoo of an eye on his ankle, one long eyebrow and grey hair
· Doctor Lucafont (count Olaf’s assistant) he was disguise as a doctor, has hooks for hands, mean, cruel, ghastly, ugly, reminds me of captain hook.
· Mr Poe: Banker, always coughing, wears small circle glasses, means well but a can of corn could do a better job at catching Count Olaf, busy and very serious.

The Baudelaire’s and Uncle Monty were going to go to Peru to search for new species of snakes but Count Olaf (Stephano) pretends to be Uncle Monty’s assistant. He slowly but surely gained Uncle Monty’s trust and then 1 night he snuck into the Reptile Room and killed Uncle Monty. He disguised it as if he had been killed by the Mamba de Mal, inserting it’s venom into Uncle Monty’s neck and making it resemble bite marks. But Klaus reads up on the Mamba de Mal and finds out that it constricts its prey and leaves it looking purple. But Uncle Monty is a pale white. He then thinks up a plan to catch out Stephano, and it works. But when Count Olaf is sprung he escapes and goes into hiding and will wait to catch the Baudelaire’s soon.