The Miserable Mill
Features of the Setting:
· Lucky Smells Lumber Mill
· Dr Orwell’s Eye Shop
· Sir’s office
The Characters:
· Violet: Smart, inventor, brave, browny/black hair and 14 years old.
· Klaus Smart, into reading, wears glasses, 12 years old and has black hair.
· Sunny: Little, bites things, not much hair, 4 sharp teeth and has a weird way of talking.
· Mr Poe: Banker, always coughing, wears small circle glasses, means well but isn’t very good at catching Count Olaf, busy and very serious.
· Shirley (Count Olaf): An assistant in an eye shop, mean, ugly, disguised as a girl, reasonably smart and cruel.
· Dr Orwell: Nice, twisted mind, eye doctor, wears glasses and greedy.
· Foreman Flacutono: Loud, mean, cruel, tall, big moustache and no regard for anyone’s safety.
· Phil: Nice, extremely optimistic, caring

The Events:
The Baudelaire’s find themselves at the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill and under the care of “Sir”. They have to work in the Mill and have to sleep with the workers and only get to eat gum for lunch. But when the mean Foreman trips Klaus over and he breaks his glasses Klaus has to go to the Optometrist. When he gets back he is non responsive, and when he is chosen to work the crane he drops and tree trunk on a workers leg. Then he snaps out of his daze. But when he is walking away the Foreman trips him and he breaks his glasses again. Then he has to go back to the Optometrist but when Violet and Sunny take him they notice something odd with the receptionist, she says her name was Shirley but the could really tell that it was really Count Olaf. Then Charles’s (Sir’s assistant) life is threatened when Klaus is commanded by Count Olaf to kill him. But Count Olaf isn’t the only one, the Foreman and the Optometrist are also in on the plan. Then Violet figures out that Klaus is being hypnotised and then finds out the word to un-hypnotise him and they get Charles away from the saw, then the Optometrist gets in the way of the saw and she dies. And then there is a massive fight. But then Mr Poe and “Sir”, come in and call the police, but Count Olaf and his assistant escape. Mr Poe then takes the Baudelaire’s to a new home!