I rate this book star_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gifout of five. Blue Fin is about a boy named Steve, who's nickname is Snook, desperately wants his father to take him on his tuna fishing boat called Blue Fin. It has been a bad luck of fishing for the year and is the last chance for the father to get some money or else he will have to sell the boat. Snook faces the biggest challenges of his life after the boat is greatly damaged in a waterspout.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 because at the start it was a bit boring so I think it took a bit to get some of the action into the story. Although most of the start was boring the author added in some humor with the boys playing a practical joke, and it didn't worked out as they had planned! I think it's well written because it leaves little trails of clues but doesn't tell the main problem until half way through. There are lots of problems that you think are going to be the main problem but in the end they are so small to what happens. I love the parts where it leaves you hanging in suspense,for example one time I was reading it said, 'He felt a hand.' It made me want to read on to find out who's hand it was.