Five go Adventuring Again
4_stars.png4/5 A great Read
In the five go adventuring again the famous five are behind in school so need a tutor and George is very good at telling her feelings and disagreeing with the tutor but not telling us what is wrong. Enid keeps us interested by not telling us anything and making it an adventure for us. As in the last book she makes twists and turns so you almost can't predict what is next!
The thing that makes it a little less at the start is that it is too confusing with where everyone is and what they're doing. It does get better but I think because it is at the start of the book and that it is her 2nd book in the series that it takes it away. Also that tthat once Enid says something isn't right but then it is. That is what confused me in the middle but it turns out that it is good!
Over all this is a good book with a little confusion. I will continue on in the series to see what else lies ahead for the famous five. I am hoping that everything that is confusing is on purpose and I figure it out soon!

There was a wooden box...